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Heat pumps have most of the same components as a plain air conditioner but can be used to cool and heat your home. In warmer months, the heat pump functions just like an air conditioner. During colder months, heat from the outdoor air is extracted and transferred to the interior of your home by reversing the flow of refrigerant through a valve. Instead of moving warm air from the interior of your home to the outside, a heat pump moves heat from the cold air outside to the interior of your home. Amazingly, even on a 32 degree F day outside, there is enough heat in the outside air to warm your home using a heat pump.

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Carrier President's Award 2012 - McGowan's Heating and Air Conditioning

McGowan’s Heating & Air Conditioning is dedicated to providing the best possible Air Conditioning Solution for you and your family. You can count on our AC System Consultants to provide you with a cost-effective solution to satisfy your most demanding comfort requirements.

From HVAC design to AC installation and start-up, we have the reputation for getting it right the first time, not making it right. To insure your satisfaction as our customer, we start by asking questions. Whether it is a new home or a replacement unit for an existing home, our System Consultant will explain the options available to you. We work with Carrier, the leader and first manufacturer of highly-engineered Home Comfort Systems. If you believe in American made, Carrier is for you.

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When your HVAC unit is beyond repair and it’s time for a new system…it’s time to call McGowan’s!

With 37 years experience, McGowans has the expertise and the manufacturer connections to build an air conditioning or HVAC system that will meet your specific needs.  We sell, install and service our flagship Carrier brand residential and commercial HVAC products, or, if you prefer, other brands are available in the greater Jacksonville Metropolitan area, including Orange Park, and the surrounding communities located in Duval, Clay and St. John’s Counties in northern Florida.