TRUSTME is an exclusive process designed and used by McGowan’s Heating and Air Conditioning technicians to give you a 100% Assurance Guarantee that your system has been properly installed.

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For nearly 40 years McGowan’s Heating & Air Conditioning service in Jacksonville has been dedicated to providing the best possible Comfort System Solution for you and your family. You can count on our system consultants to provide you with the best cost-effective system to satisfy the most demanding comfort requirements.

From design to installation we have earned the reputation for getting it right the first time, every time. To ensure your satisfaction as our customer, we start by asking questions and finish by installing the correct system based on your requirements. Whether it is a new home or a replacement unit for an existing home, our system consultant will recommend the correct cooling and heating solution and carefully explain the equipment options, promotions, discounts or tax credits that are available to you.

As an authorized dealer for Carrier, the leader and first manufacturer of expertly engineered Home Comfort Systems we offer a complete line of Carrier products. If you believe in American made, Carrier is the right choice for you.

McGowan’s Heating and Air Conditioning is built on knowledge and years of training and on-the-job experience. Choosing McGowan’s means that you will benefit from a courteous, well-trained and qualified staff.

Why choose McGowan’s?

  • Our People: We have an Exceptional Staff & Skilled technicians
  • Our Products: We Sell, Install & Service the Best Products on the Market
  • Our Service: Trained, Experienced Staff with DESIRE to provide Top Quality Service
  • Our Professionalism: We Treat YOUR Home as if it were Our OWN
  • Our Guarantee: We Stand Behind our Products AND our Service
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that the job was done right

We will earn your TRUST

Our TRUST ME® Process eliminates the guess-work and gives you a 100% Assurance Guarantee that your system has been installed according to manufacturer specifications – saving you money, energy and maximize your investment for years to come. The TRUST ME® Process is a unique testing procedure specifically designed to ensure the proper installation and working condition of your HVAC system and is an exclusive service only provided by McGowan’s Heating & Air Conditioning.

The TRUST ME® Process stands for Trusted Results Utilizing Systematic Testing Manufacturer Equipment.

The TRUST ME® Process:

  • Validates the system that we have installed
  • Assures that your system is running at peak performance
  • Improves longevity and reliability of your system